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I just looked at the PDF manual for the UDP-LX800 and it supports 1Gbps networking over Ethernet which is a first for Pioneer Blu-ray players. However the Pioneer is using USB 2.0 instead of USB 3.0, plus NTFS and exFAT is not listed in the manual as supported file formats (OPPO UDP-203 supports these file formats). In addition there is no built in 1GB or larger internal storage for BD-LIVE in the Pioneer which means a external USB drive needs to be used. OPPO UDP-203 has a built in 1GB of internal storage for BD-LIVE.

I know people are disappointed that the UDP-LX500 and UDP-LX800 have no 7.1 analog audio outputs like the OPPO UDP-203. However not offering 7.1 analog audio outputs well become the new norm on flagship Blu-ray players. Also many new A/V receivers for 2018+ no longer offer 7.1 analog audio inputs. Also when watching movies HDMI bitstreaming offers a better sound quality since 7.1 analog outputs does not support Dolby ATMOS and DTS X.
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