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HDMI only is common on the new flat panel and projectors (analog inputs are disappearing). A/V receivers in general well always have more inputs especially analog inputs since using a A/V receiver as the main video and audio switcher for one’s equipment is one important feature of a A/V receiver. However around 8 years ago S-Video disappeared from all A/V receivers including the flagship models, many newer A/V receivers no longer have 7.1 analog audio inputs. A/V Receivers now have less component video, less composite video inputs and less analog audio inputs when compared to years ago (A flagship A/V receiver for around $4,000+ well maintain more analog inputs and outputs when compared to a lower or medium quality A/V receiver) . Of course the latest A/V receivers do have more HDMI inputs when compared to models 5+ years old.

I realize that OPPO Digital INC no longer makes Blu-ray players. However until someone makes a Blu-ray player that has an overall better quality with the same or more interface features, the fact is professional reviewers well continue to use the OPPO UDP-203 and OPPO UDP-205 as reference players that all other Blu-ray players well be compared too. I was hoping that the new Pioneer Blu-ray players would beat the OPPO Blu-ray players, however it looks like people might need to wait for the second generation Pioneer 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray players to be released. When Pioneer stopped making their 2008 model plasma screens in April of 2009, for the next 5+ years all other top of the line flat panel screens were compared to the reference 2008 Pioneer plasmas. Now people use a 4K Ultra HD LG OLED as a reference display that beats Pioneer in static resolution and black levels, but not in motion quality.

So I hope one day Pioneer makes a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player better then OPPO Digital INC. The Pioneer Blu-ray player input and outputs are disappointing, the specs in the manual for the minor details like no BD-LIVE onboard memory and no NTFS and exfat support is disappointing.

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