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Originally Posted by Rickyrockard View Post
Sorry, I think you’re misunderstanding. I’m asking you to help me change the rules to convey the type of movie I’m talking about.

I’m suggesting “Hollywood, Live Action, (conceived as) non-franchise”. That would include Great Gatsby (remake does not equal franchise). I’d suggest something like the Jungle Book and Lion King are part of a Disney Live Action remake franchise?! Stretching it I know! But they shouldn’t be included. Neither should trash like the Conan Barbarian and Ben-Hur and Pompeii. As I say, it’s probably more about target audience and quality than anything else. Can you help?

The biggest inconsistency with my suggestion is possibly the Hollywood part. TT3D, Pina, Cave I’d Forgotten Dreams and Goodbye to Language aren’t Hollywood productions? If we get rid of the Hollywood part what then gets added?
Ah, I see...not sure that this exercise would shed light on any trends given there are so few qualifying movies to choose from in any given year....remember, the smaller the sample size, the less reliable the conclusion. As I recall it appeared that your original post was created to imply that there were fewer and fewer 3D standalone movies. I showed that to be incorrect as of 2019. But with your new parameters it really would be a tiny sample size making it practically useless in determining a trend.

Btw, I don’t agree that a remake of a cartoon into live action/cgi is in and of itself a “franchise” when it is a single movie like lion king or dumbo or Aladdin’s not “stretching it”—it’s plain incorrect interpretation of the term “franchise”.

In any event, good luck in your search but I don’t see the purpose.
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