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Okay, I know I've asked in this thread before on recommendations for a region free Blu-ray player but that was before I decided on what I was looking for my home theater setup. Now that I have made my mind up, I’d like to ask what region free Blu-ray player would you recommend for up-scaling regular 1080p Blu-rays to 4K? I don’t intend to collect 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays again, so I don’t need recommendations on a region free 4K player. I plan on only collecting regular Blu-rays from now on but I’d like to watch them on a regular 4K LED TV (I need nothing fancy like an OLED or QLED panel for my movie watching). What would you all recommend? I’d also like it to connect to WiFi, but I feel most Blu-ray players have WiFi built-in nowadays.
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