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Originally Posted by evoll View Post
One of my subs did the same thing about a year ago and that is what it was, easy to replace.
Sounds like that was its death knell, haha.

But seriously, I am surprised it gave way as quickly as it did. Just shy of 9 years doesn't seem like that long of a time for me for such a well made product, but what do I know. I have two JBL subs in my home theater system, one a Studio model and the other the lowly, ill-fated but "little engine that could" PB12 and they are both well over 9 years old and continue to go strong. Now granted, they're only pressed into duty when I'm down in the basement versus being on in my main living room system like the SVS but still.

Anyway, good to hear it's a simple fix. As the SVS rep said, with a beer it takes 5 minutes.
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