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OK, mystery solved other than why it seemed to be a mystery

From looking at the reviews, it appears he may have started on AMazon then maybe left completely in 2014 (he joined Ebay 7/2014).

I'm only seeing 5 recent reviews and then the other 2700+ jumps back to 2011- 2014. I was trying to find the earliest, but I can't figure out out ot sort by date or at least more than 4 at a time

OTOH -- skipping through the reviews make me very happy that I don't have to sell anything for a living. The sheer number of reviews which essentially boil down to "Why did you sell me this DVD that wont' play in my player. I realize it as an Indian PAL disc and you said it won't play in normal US players and is Region 5 locked, but you are a horrible person for letting me buy it"

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