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Originally Posted by Fors* View Post
I have the Pioneer SC-05 (previous model to the SC-25 and basically the same specs) and I don't think it would be a good idea to run 4 ohm speakers off of the amp for this receiver, as it is rated only down to 6 ohms. I think it will be quite strained and you'll be pushing it to it's limits, and I don't think you'll like the results. However, I do see the Onkyo can handle a 4 ohm load. In this case, I would take the Onkyo based on this alone.
I agree. I looked at both user manuals, and while the Onkyo clearly states it can run 4 ohm loads (certifies it, actually), I couldn't find any info on 4 ohm loads or adjusting speaker impedance in the Pioneer manual.

If you're set on getting 4 ohm speakers, I would recommend the Onkyo over the Pioneer. Also, if you end up wanting to upgrade in the future, you can alway add an external amplifier and use the receiver as a pre/pro.
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