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Default Sony closing Playstation Mobile

Sony stopped supporting games for Android last year, but apparently it's extending indie and classic games to PS Vita, as well:

PlayStation Mobile, Sony's initiative to build a store for indie games and PlayStation classics that could be played on both the PS Vita handheld and certain Android phones, is coming to an end. No further content will be published after July 15th, and come September 10th you won't even be able to re-download any games you've bought in the past. Sony ceased support for the Android side of the platform last year.

PlayStation Mobile never got serious traction, but its shutdown could mean that the Vita becomes a slightly less attractive target for indie developers — although in recent years Sony has been doing a good job releasing indie games in the regular PlayStation Store. Still, the failed venture highlights Sony's inability to bring the flailing mobile division and the high-flying PlayStation business together in a meaningful way.
To be honest, for Android it really didn't affect me as I've never wanted to play games on my cell phone. However, for Vita, even though I don't have one, this is a bit of a concern.

How will this affect indie games being released? And it's a shame you won't see PS classics on it anymore. One of the indie games I am really excited about is Rainbow Skies, which is supposed to be coming out for Vita as well. Where I have always planned to purchase it for my PS3, how does this announcement affect Vita owners?

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