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Hey guys sorry for having a post not related to this league but if any of you are interested in trying a 16 team league for free let me know soon. This season I'm making my league completely free. I'm interested in trying out a 16 team league and it scares to many people away to even charge $10 per player, so this year it will be $0.00.

It will be PPR, with no Kickers. Most likely an auction draft because drafting last in a 16 team seems terrible. So if you're interested in trying an auction league this would cover that as well. Most likely 2 RB, 2 WRs, 1 RB/WR , 1 TE.

I am completely wiping my league clean and starting fresh so first come first serve. Thanks again guys.

Btw I don't remember what site your league is on but I'd be down to play if you have any open spots and if it's on ESPN. Sorry I hate Yahoo and most other sites. ESPN just makes it so easy to do from your phone.
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