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Question guys and I hope I found the right thread for this, if not sorry blu ray mods.

So I play in a 12 team fantasy football league. My draft position this year is 6th. At pick 6 usually after doing mocks, its either Julio Jones, Mike Evans or Odell Beckham who is left and who would be the best pick at my position. Then for the 2nd round wrap around usually the only RBs there is either Todd Gurley or Lamar Miller and maybe Lynch available.

So here is the breakdown... If I stay with pick 6 and don't trade for Pick 9 which is something else I am going to get into in a sec... I will most likely choose Odell Beckham or Mike Evans and then 2nd round grab Todd Gurley or Lynch.

If I trade my 6th pick for the 9th pick, I can grab Devontee Freeman and then on 2nd round grab WR Michael Thomas or something.

Now my question is this, which option should I take? Should I stay with pick 6? or trade to 9? Last year my RBs were not so good, so I am scared that if I don't grab Freeman, then I might be doomed... Your first 2 picks in my honest opinion are your most important and will determine your season outcome.

I have even thought of staying with pick 6 and just grabbing Freeman, but then people will think I am nuts for reaching so much....

What you think? Help!!!
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