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Default Czar's 10th Annual Blu-Ray Fantasy Basketball League

What's up guys!

I will be traveling again for the next several weeks leading up to October 22nd which is the first nba game. Trying to get a jump on the head count and then we can figure out draft date and time.

Let me know if you would like to play again or if you are new and would like to join. This has typically been a 10 man league and the most i will go to is 12 man league.

DRAFT DATE: Monday, October 14th @ 9pm EST

Season starts Tuesday October 22nd and once we have 10 confirmed teams, we can set a draft date and time that works for everyone.

Also, while we have never had an issue in the past with members not paying up at the end, it usually takes several weeks to round everyone up and send payment. I would like to have all payments sent prior to the season starting so this is no longer an issue.

Payout: Pot = $250 (10 People at $25 Each)

1st Place - $150
2nd Place - $50
Best Regular Season Record - $50

1) Lacit
2) Raye
3) Hoke Moseley
4) Czar
5) Midwaymonsters
6) Jvince
7) Jim D.
8) Jay S.
9) Jab240
10) l.turner

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