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Default Film & Physical Media Academia Resource help

Hey there folks, fellow AV enthusiast here.

For those who are interested by the title, I study film at University. Everything film downright fascinates me, and in particular I have grown a rather large affinity and interest particularly in stuff regarding the technical aspects behind film (i.e: about film prints, how scanning and other elements work for physical media, resolution etc.) as well as conservation / restoration (and the troubles that come with that, such as revisionism, etc.) So far, I've been able to gather the wealth of my information about film prints and transfers from these forums and have even been able to use that to convince others to become similarly interested in stuff like 4K etc.

The specific reason behind creating this thread is that I have been considering recently to use this passion and interest and actually write my dissertation around it. I haven't given it much thought exactly with how far off it is, but it is a good start for a general topic and I thought it'd be best to get started taking a look into the details early on. Currently, my mind is considering to write it specifically about revisionism, though this could easily change.

With how much people here seem to be learned up on a lot and up to date with studies and such, I was wondering whether there are any recommended research sources such as websites, magazines or even studies and papers that hold reliable information on stuff like new releases, technical details, interviews etc. This would include sources that talk not just about technical details, but also about the general industry / financial information of physical media like sales etc.

If anyone has any recommended sources to start exploring and understanding physical media as deeply as many others here, that would be greatly appreciated!
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