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Cool 3d blu ray and Xbox 360 3d games on CRT VGA

First I'd like to say that I have successfully played the Wii U, Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS 3 video games on a VGA CRT successfully.

I used an HDMI to VGA adapter which didn't require any external power, and I played it well. What I split the HDMI signal and then split it to my VGA CRT and my PlayStation 3D TV my VGA signal was ahead of my PlayStation 3DTV.

The PlayStation 3D TV was tested at 31 milliseconds of ping. If my CRT VGA is a head of the PlayStation 3 DTV by two frames that I know this is a lagless HDMI to VGA converter.

So I know I could play my video games with less delay than i did before.

Now comes the tricky part how do I get 3D conveyed through that adapter?

I tried using something called an x3d VGA 3D sinker and for some strange reason no video is going through to the TV. Any video at all.

First of all I can't figure which way is in and which way is out. There's no printing that says video in video out to indicate which end is which.

Second is there a difference between the x3d shutter 3D that uses a 3.5 mm connector and the Sega scope 3D glasses that use a 3.5 mm connector? I assume it works because normally when I watch it one eye is closed but plugged in both eyes are opened.

Third I get no video information at all not just booty video but no video at all using this device.

Do I have to buy some kind of device other than just the 3D sinker in order to convey the 3D video information on an Xbox 360 or Xbox One correctly between my VGA monitor and my HDMI only video game system?
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