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Originally Posted by RageATL View Post
Very cool, good luck with them! If you don't mind, please post your impressions once everything's connected, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I might need to consider the same center you bought. I'm currently using an Infinity center that matches the fronts I had in the living room before my Ultras arrived and while it still sounds great of course, it'd kinda be nice for the set to match both aesthetically and aurally.
I got them setup yesterday, took about an hour. My wife and I spent some time watching prime time sitcoms last night. The Prime Center sounded great! Everything was clear and precise, even at the same db setting in my Denon AVR but at lower volume levels. It did seem like there might of been some issues with the audio balancing during the programs but that was likely due to my provider, not the speakers, as the wife claims it was an issue before the new svs.
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