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Yes I am hoping the transfer isn't ruined either. I do recall that the opening of the film at night time with Holden and Finch on the street and drinking at the bar is very grainy and dark. So a nice untouched transfer would be appreciated.

During the films commentary track Lumet commented that they wanted the look of the film to start out gritty and as the film progressed it would take on the look of a commercial. I believe a car commercial. Sleek and clean and shiny. (something to that effect)

The film is a true classic. I think many won't understand its concept etc, but what I hope younger generations could get from it if anything is we really only used to have 3 major tv networks and the way ratings were discussed in the film may confuse some.

Imagine if we still had a few networks today imagine the shares certain tv shows could pull. It really did pre-date the reality tv frenzy that I personally wish would end. That is just me. Times they do change.
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