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I think many won't understand its concept etc, but what I hope younger generations could get from it if anything is we really only used to have 3 major tv networks and the way ratings were discussed in the film may confuse some.
Imagine if we still had a few networks today imagine the shares certain tv shows could pull. It really did pre-date the reality tv frenzy that I personally wish would end. That is just me. Times they do change.
To wit, in the press statement:
Link For Press Release.
Newscaster Howard Beale has a message for those who package reports of cute puppies, movie premieres and fender benders as hard news: “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore.”
Uh, maybe I haven't seen it recently, but I seem to remember most of Beale's rants being against the public contentedly watching the tube while Ford-era decline, corruption and decay raged around them.
(As in, he wasn't "mad as hell" at the network, he was telling the viewer to be mad as hell at society...Did the copy writer even SEE the movie?? )

It's almost impossible now to understand, but in 1976...people watched TV. The Big Three networks--Fox and WB didn't exist, and PBS was still a homegrown highbrow curiosity. People were HOME on Monday nights for Archie Bunker. You couldn't do anything else except go to a bar or a movie.
Back then, we could look at Dunaway ruthless enough to give a radical group their own reality series as cold comment on our pop-culture ready to package anything for mass production; today, we'd just say, "Oh, look, it's A&E!"

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