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Arrow Fantasy Leagues Sub-Forum (Questions, Feedback, or Concerns? Ask here)

I've noticed the past year or so, our members here are joining in our ever popular Fantasy Leagues. Well, it's here! We have a new Sub-Forum for you guys. Enjoy!

Just a reminder. This section applies with the same forum rules.
Originally Posted by jw View Post
The General Chat forum shouldn't have to be moderated by an active mod, however it takes some common sense and mutual respect to achieve this. Its intended for casual conversation and discussion from the normal Blu-ray Discussion. Please remember the General Forum rules do apply along with these few rules for this forum.

  1. No Sexuality Discussion. Please keep the comments of gender and sexual orientation to PM and not promote a public discussion of it.
  2. No Post Whoring. This is a General Forum rule. This constitutes the use of smilies as posts, +1, and similar useless posting just to bump threads or for the sake of posting.
  3. No Politics. This is a General Forum rule and applies to this forum as well.Please keep those borderline threads from going politically opinionated.
  4. No Religion. This is a General Forum rule and applies just like the Politics rule. Keep your religious beliefs and views to yourself.
  5. No Racism. This is a General Forum rule and applies to any nationality,gender,creed, etc. Please do not engage in this activity. is a worldwide forum that is intended for a very broad and unlimited audience. Keep that in mind when posting.
  6. Respect. Please respect each other and each others opinions. Calling another member names will not be tolerated and dealt with swiftly. Please use the Report Post option via the icon to report any rule violations rather than responding to them directly.
Remember, The Social Groups are available as well for that causal Chat style posting.
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