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Originally Posted by NotMe View Post
Room Size: For a smaller room, you can use subwoofers with smaller drivers. However, for bigger rooms, since there is more air volume for the subwoofer to pressurize, a 12" or 15" subwoofer is recommended. Ideally, two subwoofers may be a better option than a super large one, and since low-frequency sounds are non-directional, a subwoofer can be placed anywhere in the room.

How do you connect two subwoofers to one LFE output. Is it as simple as using a Y cable? Does that degrade the signal any?
Yes, you can use a Y connection. Signal degrading for low frequency signal is insignificant. The benefit of two subs far outweighs any minimal signal degrading.

A few receivers have two output connections for subwoofers. I remember my old Yamaha receiver had that. For some passive older subwoofers, there were only speaker wire input connections. You had no choice but to connect them to the speaker output of the receiver (amplifier) just like your main speakers.
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