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Originally Posted by hoogoosedmoose41 View Post
are plasma and LCD tvs affected by magnetic fields? that might be a worthwhile addition to your guide.

unfortunatly I have to use a less than ideal subplacement in my living room.
the only place I could put the sub in a corner is in the rear near my surround speakers. ( right now i have it up against the wall about midroom.

Magnetic shielding is a major problem for CRT (tube) TVs. I am told that LCD and Plasma TVs are not affected by it. However, I have a 40" plasma TV in my bedroom. When I turn it on without the satellite receiver, I get a blue screen. Unfortunately, the side that is very close to the wall looks a bit purple. When I turn on the satellite receiver to watch a program, it is not noticeable. I know a lot of wires are running through the wall in that location. Does anybody have better experience or information?
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