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To me it just makes logical sense. Speaker drivers are mechanical. Always a good idea to not run mechanical items full out till they have a chance to seat in. Speakers also are unique that they have a pliable cone structure and that IMO becomes more resilient as the speaker is used.

"Break in" though is not a science. Just play the speakers at different volume levels for a while, maybe 30-40 hours. Not babying them all the time for sure. Slowly increase the max volume used over the break in period till by the end of the 40 or so hours you are approaching/hitting max volume.

They will still change after that till you have used the speakers for a while. If you don't follow a break in mentality the speakers will be fine still also its not like they will be damaged. Maybe if you un boxed them hooked them up and played them full blast from minute 1 you could do some damage though?
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