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Originally Posted by Cyorg View Post
Well, that's what someone at work told me yesterday.
He's a 360 fanboy with the HD DVD add-on, and knows that I have a PS3 and am a Blu Ray supporter. He seemed so sure of himself, and when I asked him to back up his claim, he just said that he was told by a friend, but he knows this has to be true. "Why else would he sabotage his own movie"? I let him know that to me it doesn't seem like he's sabotaging his own movie, but Paramount did, and if anything he's promoting it.
Anyhoo, normally this is a pretty cool guy, but I had to call him out on this.
Sorry but this is one of the worst posts I have ever seen. Are there rules on posting rumors and crap from someone's mouth who knows nothing? haha

Bay likes Blu Ray, as do many people. I seriously doubt Sony is paying him. He is just outspoken.

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