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Thumbs up Ahh Just Die Hd-dvd and let blu-ray shine

hello all iam new to the forum i am a strong blu-ray supporter. i think that transformers should be released on blu-ray it would look much nicer and Michael bay is not bashing his movie he is bashing the studio for releasing his awesome movie on hd-dvd not blu-ray. hd-dvd is crappy quailty with no class. blu-ray is the top of the mountain and the best thing that ever happened to the movie industry. so what paramount got a payoff big deal so they extended hd-dvds life span for a little bit more big deal. PARAMOUNT WAKE UP AND SWITCH BACK TO BLU-RAY. BLU-RAY WILL WIN AND DESTROY HD-DVD. I will never buy or see another movie by paramount until they swicth back to blu-ray. Money Hungry Basterds. BLU-RAY ALL THE WAY. Thanks For Listening.
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