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Nov 2011
The Endurance #YCC

Pre-ordered this blind from Best Buy and picked up the first movie, which I hadn't seen, at the same time for $5 during the U&S deal.

Watched the first movie on Friday night. Didn't think it was too bad. Bit cheesy at times but watchable and I quite enjoyed it.

Watched Spirit of Vengeance last night and have to say, it was awful. Acting was so bad, didn't like where they took the character (never read the comic book so I have no idea if that's how he was). I actually starting dozing off a few times because the movie just wasn't holding my attention.

As for the 3D, I thought it had some pretty good depth throughout most of the movie, although at some points, it didn't seem as strong. Kind of sorry I spent $25 on live and learn, I guess.
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