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Well it really is not as bad as people say it is. Ghost Rider's skull looks way better in this one. The script is not the best yes but it does entertain and that is the main thing for a movie like this.

The 3D is actually not bad either its crystal clear only crosstalk spotted was the same plays the reviewer on this site said but its very minimal and hardly noticeable. The depth in some scenes look really good then there is some scenes that look flat though its a 60/40 with depth on this one

Some say there is no pop outs on it. That is not true. There is some very cool pop outs on this 5-6 pop out scenes (yeah still not so much but it could be worse)
Love the glass shattering from the crane,Blackburn's victim remains also goes through the screen so does 3-4 of Ghost Riders kills.

Would rate the 3D 3.5 but going towards 4.0 imo.

For a cheap price its a great purchase

AQ is very good to 4.5

Extras there is a making of feature in 6 parts that covers everything its about 90 min in length. Excellent making of documentary
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