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Originally Posted by Kali157 View Post
"It is true. I have lost my mind."

Hahahaha. Though this maybe true, this hobby requires a touch of insanity.

Great job BD. Very helpful.

I do have a few questions:

1. In a home theater w/ 2-3 rows, can someone put 2-3 rows of bipole speakers for each row like your last monopole example? I was just wondering if the diffused nature of bipoles will interfere w/ each other w/ speakers in each row. What about the same question w/ dipoles?

2. How high above the listeners' heads is ideal for these 3 types of speakers? Does this ideal height vary due to distance, ceiling height, or any other factors?

Thanks again BD for your hard work. I would still have my Polk RM6800 without your help.
Thank you. I am definitely insane.

Place the surround speakers about 2-3 feet above your head when you are sitting down. I realize that most of us do not have too many options for surround placement. A few inches here or there shouldn't make any difference.

Yes, you can use several rows of bipole speakers on side walls. One of the unique features of my receiver is that it supports four side surround speakers and two rear surround speakers. It calls the side surround speakers Surround A and Surround B. One set of the surround speakers must be powered with an external amplifier. During calibration, Audyssey goes through Surround A speakers first and calibrates their levels and it next goes through Surround B speakers and calibrates their levels. Then it goes back and calibrates the combined Surround A+B on the right and on the left.

I have two PSB Image S50 bipole speakers as Surround A. They are placed approximately on the same line or a bit ahead of the front row seats. The Surround B are a pair of Definitive Technology BPX bipole speakers and they are placed on the side walls approximately on the same line as the back row of seats. The two rear surround speakers are two Bose 901. I don't know how to describe them. Each 901 has 9 full-range drivers and the drivers mostly shoot toward the back wall. They are an awesome pair of speakers and are meant to be used as front speakers in a two channel setup. I am currently suffereing from speakeritis and subwooferitis and do not know have any room for the 901 speakers. In a two-channel setup in a large room, they are capable of creating the soundfield of a large concert hall.

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