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Originally Posted by Morsoth View Post
Weird... I bought a movie at HMV yesterday (Jan 27) and I paid full price. Is it possible to go back and ask a 30% refund?
I doubt it. It's the nature of sales. Unless there is a price guarantee (like at Best Buy), you can't go back and expect a lower price.

BTW, that sale is "UP TO" 30%...not a blanket 30%. I went there this morning and BDs were on sale for 10% off. I bought the Criterion Collection CARNIVAL OF SOULS. Not a great deal but it was already a couple of bucks cheaper than amazon so the extra 10% helped.

My experience with these closings is that there is basically a "Dutch Auction". The early discounts will be low but the selection will be good. Soon, the discount will be even greater but, as the shelves get picked clean, the selection gets worse. So you have to decide how badly you want something and if you are willing to risk letting it sit on the shelf for another shopper. Chances are, the BDs will eventually be 30% off...but, by that time, the selection might be pretty bad. CARNIVAL OF SOULS might be 30% off in two weeks but they only had one copy so I didn't want to risk losing it.

I will say that the local Polo Park store was doing a VERY brisk business in the BD section. I think the good titles will go fast. I really wanted to do more shopping but, this being Saturday, it was a bit of a madhouse. I'll return Monday (when normal folks are at work) and see what's left.
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