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Default 3D remux solution on Oppo players

Just creating this thread because for the longest time, I thought there was no way to play 3D content on an Oppo player other than from disc, unless you paid crazy prices for an Oppo jailbreak mod.

There's only (for me) about 3-5 3D discs I'd want that are region locked, which also meant justifying $100+ for a region mod or buying another region free player seemed silly. So I did a little digging and although nobody talked about it directly, I found a way you can get a 3D remuxed file (frame packed, NOT SBS/OU) to work on the Oppo natively, including with swapped out audio (for example, atmos).

What you need:

An ISO/bluray folder of the 3D bluray, OR
The original bluray itself, provided you have a 3D bluray drive in the computer, OR
a frame-packed video file, like 3D MKV/.mk3d etc

Step 1: If the file is an ISO, in windows 10, right click and 'open with explorer'. This will mount the ISO as a disc drive so tsmuxer can read the contents. If the file is an MKV or similar, drag and drop it into tsmuxer and skip to step 3.

Step 2: Using the mounted ISO or bluray disc in your drive, navigate in explorer inside the Blu-Ray, into the 'playlist' folder. Sort the playlist files by size in explorer (file size: largest to smallest) and drag and drop the first listing into tsmuxer. After it loads, check the runtime of the video file in the 'input files' box in tsmuxer to see if you have the right playlist selected. Typically, the correct playlist is usually the second or third one down. The top one or two might have the correct runtime, but it could be missing an audio track or missing the second video stream for the 3D. Make sure the runtime is correct, both video tracks are present (MVC and H.264) and all the audio track are present. If it isn't, click the 'remove' button and try the next one.

Step 3:
The only thing you need to change now to ensure you will create a full quality 3D remux compatible with an Oppo is to make sure the MVC video track is below the H.264 track in the track list. Typically it is above it by default, but if you don't move it, the resulting file won't work on your Oppo. Highlight the MVC track and click the 'down' button to move it below the H.264 on the list.

You also need to set the output to M2TS muxing. Choose your output folder and click 'start muxing' to create the file! The resulting file should be compatible with an Oppo player, either on a USB drive or by network sharing. On my LG OLED, it works just as it should, and triggers the 3D mode automatically.
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