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As a dummy, I take issue with the “stupid” (repeatedly used) characterization because it has an insulting judgmental air to it. Plus, in essence, it criticizes how passionate someone is about their particular hobby…be it home theater or anything else. I dislike using analogies because they are never bulletproof; nevertheless, to make a point, I’m reminded of something else totally out of the videophile realm.

Back in the day, I was a serious, avid off-road motorcycle enthusiast. I would spend hours doing engine and suspension upgrades to my bike in order to achieve an increase in performance…albeit marginal (depending on one’s perspective, which is the key). I welcomed the opportunity to have those aftermarket parts to make those modifications because I was so passionate about racing. Some were simply bolt on, whereas others involved more advanced skills like heliarc welding to accomplish, but the cost or effort didn’t matter to me, since I had a real need for speed….unlike some actor in a movie.

Conversely, I knew Joe6packs who walked into their local motorcycle shop to purchase a motorcycle, geared up and fooled around in the dirt on weekends. Joe6packs who never raced in a single organized/sanctioned event, never rode injured, and left their bikes pretty much stock from the day they bought them. Nothing wrong with the path they chose as compared to me, BUT they never labeled the aftermarket companies as being “stupid”….and, by logical extension….me being “stupid”, for gladly taking advantage of those companies’ latest offerings.

At the end of the day, it comes down to your wallet and how passionate you are…whether you are chasing a couple additional horsepower or the perfect picture.
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