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Originally Posted by Steelmaker View Post
Question, do you watch your movies with the auto motion feature turned on? I hear that most LED's now have a "low" setting that can minimize the soap opera effect. How is the motion on your LED with the auto motion turned off?
I have the motion feature (and all those type of picture enhancements) turned off.

I think it does motion fine. I noticed some blurring the first day I had it after having watched the plasma for two weeks. But I don't notice it at all any more.

But again, I'm not a videophile at all and was upgrading from a 50" LCD RPTV (Sony Wega E-2000 series) that I'd been using for 5-6 years--so I was already accustomed to motion blur. And the Panny ET5 handles motion MUCH better than my old TV.

I don't think the picture on it looks too life like or anything. But I've never noticed soap opera effect on any TV. The only thing that ever gave me that impression was seeing The Hobbit in the 48 FPS.
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