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Originally Posted by wormraper View Post
you're right , I checked the failure rates again, I was off by a few points

as follows

Panasonic 2%
Sanyo 2%
Sylvania 2%
Sony 3%
JVC 3%
Visio 3%
Sharp 3%
Emerson 3%
LG 3%
Insignia 4%
Toshiba 4%
Magnavox 4%
Philips 4%
Viewsonic 4%
Samsung 4%
Westinghous 8%
Polaroid 10 %
Mitsubishi 12%

these were the combined stats between 2007-2011
Source? If it's Consumer Reports, it's going to be biased towards the lowest priced sets, so it's not necessarily reflective of the sets that people on this site would be likely to purchase. And it wouldn't be a "failure rate", which I would define as "no picture" or "no sound", but a rate of having anything go wrong with the set that would require any kind of service. (I think the CR definition is "that you consider serious"). Also remember, that CR readers tend to be "older" and somewhat less tech savvy (even if all the founders of the current computer industry are that age).

Also, since the technology changes so much from year to year, I'm not sure there's much point including the failure rates from older models in the stats.
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