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Originally Posted by Joxx View Post
Thanks. I ordered it along with something else. Strangely the L12.99 price dropped to L10.83 in my cart (I mean "basket") which was fine by me. I guess there must have been some promotion I didn't know about. My order says "Sold by Amazon EU S.a.r.L.". I guess that's Amazon UK, but I don't remember that SARL part before. Shouldn't it say Amazon ex-EU(Brexit)?

I used the COF VISA in "pounds sterling" which I think is what I need to get the better rate, though I doubt I'll get 1.29 which was today's rate. I know there was a discussion with kenbenobi on this earlier, but I didn't totally understand it. Regardless, I assume paying with the COF VISA in pounds would work out cheaper than using Amazon's exchange rate paying in dollars regardless how VISA screws around with the rates?

BTW, what's your opinion on Star Wars: The Clone Wars series for $43.22 according to this thread? Do you think it's a good deal?

I would've ordered more stuff if I knew what to order.

I don't have Clone Wars series, but have it sitting in my cart. Current price, I believe, is the lowest it has been. But with my recent purchase of ST:TNG, I will most likely hold off on this one. I also have been keeping an eye on Hobbit BOFA 3D EE and Boxtrolls 3D. Both are good prices, but I like digital copies as well, and not being set up to burn blu rays yet, I don't like messing with UK digital copies - or at least not familiar enough to properly copy the digital copies to keep on hand.
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