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Japan Four Nights of a Dreamer (Robert Bresson)

Robert Bresson's Four Nights of a Dreamer (Quatre nuits d'un rÍveur, 1971) was released out of nowhere in Japan. This is the first time the film was released in Blu-ray anywhere in the world.

The HD master for this Blu-ray was sourced from the print used for the theatrical re-release in Japan in 2012. This (then) new print was created from OCN, supervised by the cinematographer Pierre Lhomme, according to the back cover. IMAGICA did the restoration and created this new HD master. This Blu-ray was released by the company called "etantje", who had re-released the film in Japan back in 2012.

This release was suggested on the net 3 days ago, and was put on sale yesterday. It was an immediate sellout, sold out in less than 1 hour. This release is only available from etantje via Amazon Japan, and the discs will be stocked at the Amazon warehouse, which allows the buyers to save on shipping if they buy multiple items from Amazon. The price is fixed at •5,000 plus tax, and no discount will be available. The film only comes with Japanese subtitles, unfortunately. This is not a limited edition, but etantje might stop pressing more copies once the sale becomes slow. So far the sale number appears to be strong for them, so more copies are to come.

I managed to put it in the cart yesterday, but couldn't make an order due to the immediate sellout. It is said that Amazon will stock more in a day or two, so hopefully I could order it then.

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