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I went two SR stores and I am pretty sure I saw more Mill Creek double features like Mr. Sardonicus/The Brotherhood of Satan for $6.99 although I do not think it is listed on the site. Sorry I did not write them down so they may need to verified, anyway here is a list:

Despite the SR site claiming lots of $9.99 BDs I found only a few, the rest had prices so high it queered the B3G1 deal except on Olive titles (Betty Boop, Magic Christian, etc) which had the lowest prices I have seen but only if you have the $15 membership. If there was no cineplex bogo and 50% off I would pull the trigger.

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Sunrise has a deal now that if you buy 3 CDs or blurays/DVDs or mix and match you get the fourth one free. Obviously the least expensive one is free but they got a ton of 5-10 dollar bluray
I did not see one $5 blu-ray when I was there.
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