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Originally Posted by Lemmy Lugosi View Post
I also want Live After Death on blu.....and you're right about this release (and also right about "Eddie" looking terrible on this new release) . It does nothing for me.
Originally Posted by Mutato View Post
Live After Death is a classic and I would love to see it on Blu. Really, any and all of the previous Maiden releases would be welcomed.

As far as Eddie goes, people were complaining the same way in the 80's. He changes every time. Maiden fans should know this.
But, I meant that this is just a whole different thing, also on the album-cover, not just this BD.
I loved the whole changing thing about Eddie, giving him a theme and all, but they were recognizable.
When I first saw the album-cover of their last album, I was WONDERING where Eddie was at all.
I was looking and looking, only to find out that the huge Alien-thing was Eddie.
And I went something like "What? Really? That should be Eddie?".

I mean, I'm not even someone who was bothered by the "BNW"-Eddie, I even bought it as a flag.
The "Death"-Eddie was appropriate, except the album-cover was messy.
And the "AMOLAD"-Eddie, was... OK, but it was still just Eddie, that corpse-ish zombie-like Eddie.
Now, he's a space-monster... I have to be honest about it...

Giving it another look, he also kinda looks like an "Abomination"-ripoff from 'The Incredible Hulk'.

Also, I'm not sure if anyone here has technical knowledge about the 'Live After Death' and 'Rock In Rio' concerts?
But I really hope they have it on actual film for an HD-transfer.
I have my doubts on 'Live After Death', but 'Rock In Rio' should be quite a bit more modern, being shot 15 years later.

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