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I just got back to playing this game. I've actually been playing it more than I had when the game came out, although I didn't play a lot when it came out.

I saw that the new game, Soul Sacrifice Delta is on sale. I'm at level 20/32, and I'm not finished with the main content of the game. If I were to transfer my save to delta, I can still continue through the main content of the original game without the main game? Also, does that mean I can play with people who own the original game, just only with the original game's content?

Their description of it being a sequel is pretty vague, but from what I can tell, it seems like a "Street Fighter style" sequel where they put the original game along with new content, which might explain why it's nearly twice the size of the original game.

I definitely wouldn't pay $36 for it, but $18 sounds easier to swallow.
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