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Originally Posted by thatscifiguy View Post
Anyway, movies disappearing is why I am skeptical of buying movies this way so I'm glad I have blu rays!
But they really didn't disappear though when Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM and Miramax are the big studios that are not participating in Movies Anywhere. Then there are the smaller studios, such as STX Entertainment and DreamWorks (owned by Paramount) that do not participate as well. To even further confuse consumers, you'll see DreamWorks Animation titles on Movies Anywhere, but that's because Universal Studios now owns them and Universal is apart of Movies Anywhere.

A good way to tell what is and isn't MA prior to purchase, check VUDU. You can scroll down to the bottom of each page and it'll tell you what studio the movie is from. If it's from a participating studio, it will have a Movies Anywhere logo typically by the film title at the top of the page.

Out of boredom at work, just to clarify what wont appear in your MA account:

Originally Posted by thatscifiguy View Post
My vanished titles:

101 Dalmations
Anchorman (Paramount)
Anchorman 2 (Paramount)
Arrival (Paramount)
Ben-Hur (new) (MGM)
Captain America Civil War
Captain America The Winter Soldier
Chicago (Miramax)
A Christmas Carol (Disney 3d)
Dr. Strange
Dredd (Lionsgate)
Enders Game (Lionsgate)
Finding Dory
Ghost (Paramount)
Ghost in the Shell (DreamWorks aka Paramount)
GI Joe Retailiation (Paramount)
Gods of Egypt (Lionsgate)
Guardians of the Galaxy
Guardians of the Galaxy 2
Hansel and Gretl Witch Hunters (Paramount)
Hercules (the rock one) (MGM)
The Hunger Games (all four movies are gone) (Lionsgate)
Inside Out
Intersteller (Paramount)
Iron Man 3
It Follows (Radius)
John Carter
Jungle Book (live action, animated shows)
The Lion King
The Little Mermaid
The Avengers
Mission Impossible 5 (Paramount)
Monsters Inc.
A Nightmare Before Christmas
Noah (Paramount)
Oculus (Relativity Media)
Overlord (Paramount)
Pirates of the Carribean On Stranger Tides
Star Trek Into Darkness (Paramount)
Star Wars the Force Awakens
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Paramount)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of the Shadows (Paramount)
Terminator Genisys (Paramount)
Top Gun (Paramount)
Transformers (Paramount)
Transformers Age of Extinction (Paramount)
Transformers The Last Knight (Paramount)
Tron Legacy
Warm Bodies (Summit)
Wreck it Ralph
Originally Posted by thatscifiguy View Post
How was I supposed to know that? Can I still?
It asked you the first time you signed up to MA, when linking all the streaming services to your account. lol. There's more info needed to fully understand what is going on with your account such as, are some Disney titles appearing in your MA account, while those listed aren't? If yes, are they newer releases? I'm starting to wonder if you signed up with a new email than what you should have when you created your MA account.....

If you used an entirely new email than the one attached to your old DMA account, then you screwed up. If it's the same email and were completely oblivious to the MA and DMA warnings to import your Disney titles by February 2018 or if you signed up past that date and still didn't follow the proper instructions to import your collection over, there still is a chance to connect them. You have to contact them via email according to their FAQ:

The chances that you suddenly had 20-something movies disappear is extremely unlikely and here's why.... that Turbo title is from Dreamworks Animation. That's the red flag. The rest are all Disney that you are missing, except for that one title. Again, I don't know what is fully in your MA account in correlation to your VUDU/iTunes and the amount of titles you own... but, are you even sure your VUDU account is connected to your MA account? What does your MA account even show? Did you link up a sub-account from VUDU to MA? It's kind of hard to help suggest solutions, when big pieces of the puzzle are missing...

At any rate... first things first... Unlink your VUDU account from MA, wait about 5-10 minutes, then re-link VUDU back to MA (sometimes signing out completely of MA and VUDU and signing back in helps to refresh the connection to your account). This is what MA Customer Support will have you do anyways as it seems to solve missing imports. Other than that, hit that link above and contact them.
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