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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this question but here goes. I just purchased a 50 inch Panasonic 85u and I'm planning on mounting it on my existing table which consists of three glass shelves and a sort of spine of a wall bracket that you attach the TV to. My question is what size screw do I need for that model TV ie. thread type, length, diameter of screw etc. Thanks for anything.

For the Canadian 50pz85u, I believe it is an M8 bolt. So, metric thread, size 8. As far as length, the ones with mounts are usually 20mm, for flat mounting, and 40mm, for use with spacers. Given the recessed thread holes, I would recommend spacers and 40 mm bolt. Just to double check length, I would verify the depth of the opening, and ensure it's enclosed, then screw the bolt in until it's all the way to the end. If the remaining part is smaller than the spacer and mount arm you should be good to go!
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