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Most of these old great U.S. audio companies are just brands and intellectual properties in which the owner licenses the name out, mostly to OEM Chinese companies. They have nothing to do with the original company other than the fact that they bought the name. Same for the old American TV manufacturers. There are low-end Chinese sets being sold as Westinghouse and other such old brands, I guess to appeal to older consumers. RCA shows up on some products since Thompson bought the name (RCA bought A.R. and Dishwasher, among other brands).

Back in the day, audio companies were like fashion companies in that the products represented the design philosophy of the owner and you could tell just by listening what brand it was. For the most part, we don't have the equivalents of Edgar Vilchur, Avery Fisher, Sid Harman, David Halfer, Henry Kloss and on and on and on, except perhaps in the esoteric world, but I've found that most esoteric audio sounds like crap and I can't believe there are people who would spend $100K on speakers and $25K on a turntable (not to mention $2000 cables).

But once Sony, Panasonic and the other Japanese giant electronics makes came in, these companies were doomed.

Although it's from the 1980's, not the 1960's, I'm still using an Apt-Holman preamp and Crown power amp for vinyl and stereo CD listening. It sounds amazingly superior to my Pioneer AV receiver, which has pissed me off ever since I invested in that Pioneer. The fact that the Pioneer has some kind of endorsement from AIR studios is one great big joke.
on top of that, Pioneer audio is owned by Onkyo now.
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