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Originally Posted by Dwayne View Post
The root of all EVIL, the almighty $$$$$, is what this is all about . Every damn day we find another brand sporting another company's logo . The Klipsch merger with Audiovox I hope does not kill the quality of the speaker's that Klipsch has been giving us for year's . What will happen with the most trusted name in audio since it's early day's, Pioneer/Elite AVR's, now that Onkyo has taken over . I used to be an Onkyo fan in it's early day's, but it's been my observation that Onkyo has taken a step backward's in their AVR line up the last 4/5 year's so that makes me very nervous . As long as these companies try hard too keep the said merger's quality and integrity in tact, then there is no problem. Unfortunately this is rarely the case . We can talk about all of the previous/current merger's and company's going belly up until we are beating a . Hey there DangeRuss, if Apple/Bose got a hold of all of this then all I can say is first we must have a few drink's , then say and of course bring out the big gun's .....LOL .
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