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Originally Posted by James78 View Post
The Spanish boxed set does use the new scan. There is blurb from Brian Yuzna on the back cover. I don't know if it includes the different version.

It doesn't have the integral version or the tv version. That's a huge downside to the Spanish version. The Spanish version is only 1 blu-ray, 3 DVDs, and 1 CD. The German version is 2 blu-rays (because the 2nd blu-ray contains the integral version in HD) and 1 DVD.

Looking at the specs sheet for the Spanish version, it seems like 3 DVDs are unnecessary and just used to make the set look bigger.

disc 1 - blu-ray - uncut version
disc 2 - DVD - uncut version
disc 3 - DVD - interviews, tv spots, and gallery
disc 4 - DVD - uncut version again, with commentaries and deleted scenes
disc 5 - CD - soundtrack

The German version is far, far better. It has both the uncut and integral versions of the film in HD, plus the tv version in SD, plus all the commentaries and interviews and trailers and galleries, plus the deleted scenes in HD (including the dream sequence).

The Spanish version is all talk but no muscle. Disc 2 and 4 appears to be the same thing which is puzzling - disc 2 is uncut with no commentaries but multiple languages, and disc 4 is uncut with multiple commentaries and deleted scenes. There's no reason whatsoever why disc 2 and 4 couldn't be combined. Disc 3 is really just extras, all of which are in the German version. The book will be in Spanish of course. You can buy the soundtrack CD anytime you want. And the film strips is just useless filler.

So the German version is a far better release. The Spanish version is inferior due to the lack of HD deleted scenes and the lack of both the HD integral version and the TV version in SD. Plus I think the German packaging is far better (mediabook with awesome cover art).

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