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Originally Posted by gates70 View Post
Hey! Been away since my last post. Sorry.

I had 60's before and I kept them for a 2-channel setup in my living room. Needed speakers to go with my new NAD 388.

The 690 is still in my system and plays seamlessly with the rest. At first I wanted to change it to the 55 to match but even my dealer asked me why I'd want to do that. So I kept it.

The 15B's are on side duty while my 20's are in the rear. They're a good match tonally.

Yeah that's Mudvayne but that video is over 5 or 6 years old now. My collection and equipment has changed considerably since then. I'll also need new pics in my gallery since the room doesn't look like that anymore. Procrastination at it's best lol

Happy New Year to you as well buddy!
I'm glad you kept the 690. That's a special speaker and would be difficult to replace. I had a brief thought of buying it from you if you were getting the 55C, but thought you'd be like... hahaha!

I may put audio on hold for a bit and work on the video now. I need 4K, especially since Atmos is mostly on 4K discs now, grrrr.
I'll get a display, then focus on an Amp, then Prestige.

Have a gooder Bro!
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