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Originally Posted by Scarriere View Post
I'm glad you kept the 690. That's a special speaker and would be difficult to replace. I had a brief thought of buying it from you if you were getting the 55C, but thought you'd be like...
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I may put audio on hold for a bit and work on the video now. I need 4K, especially since Atmos is mostly on 4K discs now, grrrr.
I'll get a display, then focus on an Amp, then Prestige.

Have a gooder Bro!
LOL at that meme! As far as putting audio on hold, you can only upgrade so much before you get diminishing returns. I'm pretty much at that point now me thinks. I just swapped my 2 Sub 12's for a Signature Sub 1 and I think that's it for a while. I had an issue with one of the Sub 12's in which I need to repair it. The other one is fine...but my dealer had a deal I couldn't refuse on the Sub 1 which was more than half price off.

As for the video side of things, I'm waiting it out a bit because of so many changes coming. HDR10+ vs DV vs HLG etc....I'm on projector guy so I want the best possible projector and that probably won't be until next year at the earliest.
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