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Default Paradigm cc350 wiring

Hi all, I am brand new here, but have owned some paradigm components for many years. Namely a CC350 centre, and a servo 15 sub. I have ran these speakers with various other speakers over the years, as I could never match the set due to Paradigm not being readily available here in the UK. I have however recently managed to pick up an old pair of Monitor 5's in great condition which I am loving!
Anyhow, I digress! A couple of years back I blew the tweeter in my CC350, but did manage to source a brand new one which I was sure I fitted correctly. However, the speaker has never sounded as good as it used to, and the tweeter is certainly not as crisp as the one's in these old 5's I've just picked up. I am really struggling to pick out dialogue in most movies these days. So I am wondering if I have actually managed to wire it up wrong. Can anyone show a clear picture of a factory wired CC350 please so I can check.

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