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Originally Posted by Zivouhr View Post
Sorry to disagree Dartfrog, though have you compared its 3D to the 3D of a stronger 3D conversion, as with one of the latest Marvel films, such as Avengers Infinity War, or Ant Man and the Wasp? There's no comparison and it reveals how mild the 3D in Upside Down really is. Upside Down unfortunately does not help 3D's purpose, and if it was released in 3D theaters, it would be doing 3D a disservice because the 3D is so mild.
I pulled the Upside Down thread and it appears that there was a discussion done in March of this year. I re watched it then and confirmed that I thought the 3D was awesome so I doubt I would change my mind after a few views of the film. Also I checked with my room mate and he said that he remembers the 3D being awesome in the film. Difference in TV's, settings maybe?
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