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Originally Posted by Boob-Ray View Post
Just tried "Chatting" with Amazon about this. No dice. Email sent....

EDIT: Got tired of waiting and called. They gave me the credit, but I'll have to use it on my next order. That's fine, but quite strange. I guess you really gotta watch Amazon pre-orders now. Their systems are not communicating with each other. Always check your invoices!! This is the second time this has happened to me...and I haven't Pre-Ordered that much. Once? Fine...just a glitch. Twice? They got problems.

Not only that, but they don't have something like the nice Price History feature that's readily available here on, which allows you to see the historical pricing info on a particular title. I find that very odd. This title clearly dipped to 28.99 for a day. If I wasn't so OCD and impatient with my orders -- I would have never known! I may cancel all my Pre-Orders set for this September and just wait for good prices. I don't know...
I understand you, I have kind of the same feelings. Now I only pre-order stuff that has an agreeable price (something I don't mind paying) to begin with. The rest I wait. But I try to pre-order everything I can. I like to show my support for old movies. Waiting for sales you don't do that, and I want them to keep releasing titles.

A clueless Customer Service guy answered my mail rejecting my claim because the price is back to $37 again (I didn't know they couldn't check the price history and now at least it makes sense). But I got the refund anyway. I also got one of those "your saving" mails you get when they ship you some item you pre-ordered and later the price came down. At least somebody got it right (maybe it's because I tried to cancel while "shipping soon" and wrote the reason for it? I don't think so but I don't know).
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