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Default Help with Recommended Box/Amp/Etc


The speakers in my car sound fine, but the subwoofer isn't even audible. I thought it was blown since I used to be able to feel it, so I took the car in and they said it works fine. I seriously don't hear/feel it at all anymore and it isn't even up that loud. So I figured I would put a subwoofer in so I can actually get bass out of my music apart from the woofers on the doors. I remembered that a friend had two subwoofers that were never even opened so they gave them to me. I have a smaller car, so I just want to put one of these in my car. It's the Alpine 12" SWS-1243D: What are your opinions on this subwoofer anyways? I have never really dealt with car audio, I've always just focused on home theater so please excuse any stupid questions.

Since I have the subwoofer, is all I need is a box, amp, and to pay for installation, correct? I don't want to go somewhere and get ripped off. What enclosure should I get? I don't know much about car subwoofers, I'm not sure what amps would work with this subwoofer. Can I please have some suggestions?

I don't want to spend too much money here, so please recommend things that are good in quality but not too expensive.

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