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Originally Posted by VictorQ View Post
Here are some things to look into. First you must find out what size enclosure works for the sub. Sonic Electronix is a great place for car audio gear. You need to determine the recommended cubic volume the sub needs to work properly without damaging it. Look into this website, go to features and specs, it'll tell you the recommended size box.

Next question to ask yourself is what kind of sound are you looking for? A ported or sealed box? If trunk space is an issue, a sealed box would be smaller. Decide on what type of sound you're looking for and I'll help you with a box.

As for an amp goes. That sub is a dual voice coil, so can handle 2ohms. Lower the ohms, more power you can draw from the amp. In my opinion for the price and sound quality this amp is a bargain. I've heard other amps in its price range and they just sound cold to me. This amp has great warm tight sound to it and is 300 watts at 2ohms so you can push the sub hard and it'll keep taking the abuse.

Next thing is power/ground cords. It's very important to have a good set of power/ground cord. My suggestion is to just go with a 4 gauge cords simply because they'll provide good power transfer and are "safer" for the amp then an 8 gauge. Plus if you ever have the upgrade bug, most amps minimum are 4 gauge so you'll be all set.

Plus in my opinion I'd also buy capacitor, just an option though. It's like having a reserve battery. Amps run on volts obviously. Especially with subs they draw volts from your car battery which can, not always, give you headlight or interior light dimming. a capacitor gives yous amp the volts needed, so it doesn't draw this from your car battery. Also keeps the volts at a steadier level in turn keeps your amp performing the way it was intended to. I find the benefits worth the small cost. You'll have tighter more constant power.
Thanks for the detailed response and links.

The type of sound I'm looking for is more quality and will sound accurate and clean. Not what's just loud. In fact, I won't be cranking the subwoofer or trying to shake the car. The whole reason I'm doing all of this is to replace my stock subwoofer that barely gives any output to the point where I can't even hear it.

My trunk is huge, but don't want the subwoofer taking up TOO much space.

I don't want to damage the woofer or the coils, would the 2 ohms do any damage? I don't see myself upgrading or anything, I just want something that will sound good (not too loud or anything) and will just leave it. I pour enough money into my home theater system, I don't need to do that with my car haha.

Just to ensure those problems do not occur, I'll get the capacitor.
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