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Default Italian BD of 4 flies

OK. I've finished watching this Italian release of 4 Flies and here's my thoughts.
Having seen the Koch release of 4 Flies, first off, it's basically the same master as Koch.
The picture of CG release is solid with fine grain but the colour reproduction is a bit different. Well, at this point, I'd say I personally prefer the skin tones on the Italian disc over Koch.
Also the gamma is a bit bright compared to Koch, but I didn't find any compression artifacts nor a weird posterization effect in many darker scenes as the UK Shameless release.

As for the SD and HD footages of the film, unlike Koch, CG restored the film in HD form for the main feature as much as possible.
And thankfully, they used the same SD elements as the Koch one which are far better quality sources rather than VHS source, for the complete of the film. (But, two scenes are still in VHS quality though)

Here's some examples.

[Show spoiler]
Restored in HD




The same SD source as Koch



In terms of audio quality, this is comparable to the PQ.
It gives four audio options, BUT I found a problem on the DTS HD English track that it suffers from distortion and noise throughout the entire film and I can easily to say it's not that good compared to the Koch release.
I also quickly tested the lossy 2.0 English track but it is the same one as the DTS HD English track.
It's not as distracting as that much but, frankly speaking, this is a bit let down for me.
Meanwhile, there are no such problems on two Italian tracks which are in a good shape.
Lastly, you have to get the forced Italian subtitles when you access to the English track.

All in all, If you already have the Koch release and don't care much about incomplete HD footage of the film, then I suggest you to just stick with it.
Well, I wouldn't say I regret this CG release, but the English audio is rather disappointing because they took from an imperfect audio source.

P.S : If you can't see the captures, then let me know.

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