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A few years ago, my local Sanity store was selling a batch of nice region-free Sony Blu-ray players for about $100. So I bought one.
With a bit of combined shipping, I've tended to be happy to order my discs from wherever in the world I need to, in order to get them in whatever the best format is.

I regularly use as a starting point. And if a local Blu-ray release is significantly inferior to a foreign one, I'll find a way to get the foreign one. Ultimately, I've never experienced the annoyance (expressed here) about lack of local releases... but I realize not everyone is lucky enough to have a region-free player.

PS. I hate streaming also But I still love DVD.
Recently bought a rare DVD of an old french film for $110, as it's not available on Blu-ray (and most likely never will be).

I grew up with VHS, so I still appreciate DVD quality, especially if it's the best option available (in the world) for a particular title, especially older films.
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