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Originally Posted by foreigncontaminant View Post
PS. I hate streaming also But I still love DVD.
Recently bought a rare DVD of an old french film for $110, as it's not available on Blu-ray (and most likely never will be).

I grew up with VHS, so I still appreciate DVD quality, especially if it's the best option available (in the world) for a particular title, especially older films.
While I have a Region Free and Sony Region A player, I hate having to import.

And I hate DVD for:

1. Poor PQ (any DVD upscaled to 1080p can’t come close to matching native 1080p). Even 1080i Foxtel presentations OR HD broadcasts look way better than upscaling a DVD.

2. 4% PAL speedup, causing music/voices to be faster and pitch issues that are out half an octave... Something I am very passionate about (as you will see below).

I watch a lot of US TV on BD. It is very annoying to go back to an Aussie PAL conversion after watching 1-2 seasons of a TV show.
I find NTSC to PAL conversion is especially noticeable with theme music/soundtracks. Deeper voices also cause me to cringe when watching US TV or films in PAL.
In the Walking Dead, Rick Grime’s (Andrew Lincoln) voice uttering the often mocked gutteral way he says “Carl” does not sound right in PAL broadcasts; and his voice is “tinny” and noticeably higher pitched. Morgan (Lennie James) as well, and those characters with deep voices (eg. Jon Bernthal as Shane) are more evident and affected.
Same goes with Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, his voice is just not the same (Tyrion and Tywin too).
*TWD, GOT and FTWD are the only shows I can’t wait for BD releases (watch on Foxtel, watch again on BD). Westworld will also be added to that list this year.

For a great example of how the 4% PAL speedup conversion from 24fps to 25 progressive frames (50i) causes the pitch to be out, try UK/Aussie release of The Deer Hunter on BD. Try playing the title theme and swapping between the 5.1 and 2.0 tracks. The 5.1 is PAL pitch (speed corrected in some kind of Studio Canal f*ck up), and the 2.0 is the correct 24fps speed/pitch. The difference stands out like dogs balls.
Any Doctor Who fans out there (and sadly this is an issue across BD), try listening to Doctor Who S1-4 on BD (1080p/24) vs. either Aus/UK S5-10 BD (1080i/50) or the S1-4 DVDs (576i/50). Reason being, when DW was released on BD, due to the US market (US can’t play PAL), they converted the PAL broadcasts of DW to 24fps and released the Blu’s internationally.
Hence, the S1-4 theme music will be slower and sound deeper, due to PAL slowdown (converting in the other direction PAL (25fps) to 24fps).
compare a BD of a US TV show’s theme to a DVD (if you have both).
grab an Aussie movie BD release that has DVD + BD. Go to a point in the movie with any music and compare how they sound. Try it with the actors voices as well... That half an octave can often be very annoying. It takes effort tuning it out (and any music you know well will bring the issue back to the fore).

Whether it is the Star Wars theme, The Simpsons (very noticeable), Modern Family OR The X-Files, if you have heard a US TV show theme on Aussie TV many times, when you hear the BD version, you will think “Wow, that music has a slower tempo” and the notes will sound deeper.
Be warned though: Once you start noticing the phenomenon of “PAL speedup” if you have a keen ear, it can be as frustrating as noticing banding; but with PAL speedup, it is constantly in your face.

And what really “grinds my gears” is that with modern editing suites, the pitch issue associated with PAL conversions can be corrected before transfer to DVD; but that would incur extra cost (obviously) and it appears the great majority of consumers are none the wiser anyway.
Since I was a pre-teen, I had always wondered why US film clips had different sounding music to the Cassette/CD I owned OR vice versa.

Thus, committed reader, all you have read here is why I feel that Blu-Ray has been such an important step-up in the fight against PAL speedup.
I can watch films like Resevior Dogs and Kill Bill on BD now, and the music sounds the same. Same with Pulp Fiction (UK/US BD’s at least), but beware of Aussie copies of Pulp Fiction and Muriel’s Wedding. They are PAL BDs (1080i/50) that should be 1080p24.

US TV and Blu-Ray should go together like bullets and guns, but unfortunately, we get less opportunities to watch US shows how they were meant to be seen and heard. Even if not for PQ, as I’m sure we can all agree that upscaled 1080p can’t compete with native 1080p. AQ is another factor too, but not just lossy vs. lossless, but having the correct pitch hit the ear (and the correct tempo) of a TV show IS important.

In conclusion (and the reason I came back to post on this thread today), distributors, in their arrogance and shortsightedness, have given us The Handmaid’s Tale on DVD only in Australia.

The winner of the Golden Globe for Best Drama is DVD only in Australia. WTF!
This is only the second time, since the inception of Blu-Ray (2006), that we don’t have a choice of Blu-Ray for the Globe’s Best Drama winner (The Affair [2014] had no BD release anywhere).
I realise it comes from a streaming platform, but the US has a BD release, why not us Aussies.
Please cease pushing an archaic medium that is 30 years old and allow the casual home video buyer to be get the best PQ/AQ and correct pitch/speed, that only comes with Blu-Ray.

Looks like I’m importing again. Will post the region coding for The Handmaid’s Tale as soon as I get a copy, as I strongly suggest that if you are interested in watching the show, go for the Blu-Ray. F*ck DVD! Especially Aussie PAL DVDs of film and US TV.
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Streaming sucks!
Respect the filmmakers intentions; Respect the the OAR

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